Before The Dinosaurs began with front-man and main songwriter Jordan Best (Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar) He took his songs and vision to a new light when he found his band members: Chris Bishop on Bass, Ryan Mazerolle (Squintin' Tarantino) on Guitar and Christian Arsenault on Drums.​ 


Jordan wrote his first song when he was 6 years old and started his journey in a band during the summer of 2016 with his project 'Short For Arthur'. Over time, his music transformed as he underwent member changes in late summer of 2021 forming what is now BtD. The 4 piece band has brought their energetic and mentally captivating performance across many venues and festivals in Canada. Their music is an eclectic blend of Indie/Alt Rock without limitations. Giving you a glimpse of what type of music existed before the dinosaurs. ​


In 2020, Jordan Best released 4 singles under his old project SFA. With one of them receiving a MNB Nomination for Music Video of the Year (Hanging Paintings).​ In just a couple of short months with the new band name and members beginning in September 2021, the new band has showcased Festival 506, Recorded their first single 'Set Yourself Free'  with Producer Don Levandier - Front-man of 'The Motorleague.' They have also produced a music video with professional videographer Derrick Aubie (Sonic Image). While these are pending release, the band continues to record, write and develop their setlist behind the scenes.