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Before The Dinosaurs EPK

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About Us:

Before The Dinosaurs are an eclectic 4 piece rock outfit from Moncton NB who effortlessly shift between genres, tempos, and time signatures, and have no regard for following any kind of rules - musical or otherwise.

The term ROCK is used loosely as a starting point, but if I had to draw comparisons at gunpoint, I would query elements of Cake - meets Death Cab - meets RHCP - meets Blind Melon.  A sort of nouveau-hippie-funk-grunge-tour-de-force that neither asks for, nor offers any apologies for existing.


Imagine the chromatic writing of metal presented in an Age Of Aquarius vibe and you might be on the right track.  


That said, the band’s 2nd mid-summer release “Cure For A Heartache” certainly doesn’t fit that description, nor does it make any more sense - but in the most charming way possible. While their first single is still garnering CBC love from host Grant Lawrence and features at major commercial radio stations, their 2nd sounds like late 50’s Nashville invited itself out to dinner and didn’t pick up the check.  It doesn’t make a ton of sense, and it’s what will ultimately drive people to love the band once the novelty of the lead single wears off. Their 3rd "Coeur Brise" is rotating on Sirius XM's ch167 and the music video for their 4th single, "Coloured Lies" has earned the recognition from Dave Krusen, the original drummer for Pearl Jam and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Before the Dinosaurs are currently recording their debut full length with producer Don Levandier (Motorleague) and mix engineers Gabe Gallucci, and the Grammy Award Winning Harry Hess (Billy Talent, Arkells, Barenaked Ladies, Big Wreck).

Before The Dinosaurs is also a passionate advocate for inclusion. They have been recognized for their advocacy efforts and have been featured on various platforms, including Global News.

The band's commitment to promoting inclusivity for those living with neurodiverse disabilities has garnered significant national publicity. Their drummer, Christian Arseneault, who lives with Autism, has been a powerful voice in bringing awareness to this important subject. Their appearances on Global News, such as the interview/performance with Eilish Bonang on Global Halifax Music Monday and the interview with Shelley Steeves aired on 8 markets across Canada, have helped break down barriers and highlight the band's dedication to inclusivity.

The band is also currently working with Music NB & Inclusion NB to create the necessary programs and place of resources for those living with disabilities.

2022 Achievements

Print Newspaper:

  • Telegraph Journal (Across NB)

  • SaltWire (charlettown)


  • CBC Shift Interview for single "Cure For A Heartache"

  • Grant Lawrence Highlighting our single "Set Yourself Free" During CBC Searchlight Competition

Radio Rotation:

  • Sirius XM Ch 167 for single "Coeur Brise"

  • CBC (Cure For A Heartache)

  • East Coast Countdown #5 for "Set Yourself Free"

  • Multiple Campus/Community

Commercial Radio Features by:

  • Maritime Q stations

  • X Calgary/Edmonton

  • GTA "The Rock"


MNB Award Nomination:

  • BreakThrough Artist Of The Year

TV Placement:

  • "The Global Barber" Song: "Set Yourself Free"


  • Unsigned Only Competition Semi Finalist for "Set Yourself Free"

Press Photos (click to download)


New Single 'Coloured Lies' Out Now!


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